The demands of maintaining a website can be overwhelming. Your staff is already stretched thin with other work or other projects. Customers are calling to take advantage of pricing that should have been changed a month ago. Your members are registering for an event that closed last week. The Chairman wants an updated picture to go with his site bio. The salesforce wants to know where the web access to the database is that you promised last quarter. Take a deep breath, and relax.

We can help with our Managed Services offerings:

Site Maintenance is the updating of site content, either at regularly scheduled intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) or within a specified turnaround time.

Site Management takes maintenance a step farther. In addition to keeping the site content current, we will monitor server logs, submit your site to search engines and directories, suggest and implement new features and functions and in general perform the role of webmaster for the site.

Server Management. With server management, your server operates at our facility. Our trained server administrators keep the server running smoothly, apply software patches and upgrades, and maintain the internet connection and security.

Why not see for yourself?