What makes for a successful site? A successful project? A successful e-business?

A long history as both a developer and an ISP has given us a unique perspective which we bring to our internet consulting services. We currently offer:

Site Reviews

For existing websites, we will do an independent review. We can review one aspect or function, or look at the site as a whole. Generally, reviews cover areas such as usability, performance, and/or design. If you like, we will also make recommendations for improvement.

We also offer competitive reviews, where we analyze the sites of your major competitors for both weaknesses and strengths. This can be a helpful planning tool whether you are establishing a website or redesigning an existing site.

Project Planning

For both new and existing websites, we will map out a successful project. We meet with you and discuss site goals, your budget and timetable, the use of internal and external personnel.

Startup Services

Startups often need a combination of consulting services. We review e-business plans, technical plans, and site promotion plans to pinpoint potential problems, missed opportunities, alternatives to gain efficiency, and phased approaches.