Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam Expression 3

1,000 Words or Sculpting Foam Face?

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam Expression 3Here you see an expression that went wrong.  Based on the shape of the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam in the palm of the hand, this expression should have been a profile shot – see the nose to the right?  Looking at it now, I would have to say it looks like an alien.



Background: One of our clients was having a difficult time understanding how a blog might be used to pull traffic to their website. Together, we determined an example might be the most effective way to help them understand the cost-benefit trade-offs. Fresh daily content would be required to boost the success of a website’s organic search results; however, meaningful content on a daily basis for the topic “website and application development” would require real resources and seemed beyond the scope of this example.  The idea of copy & pasting someone else’s work seemed boring and fake. The solution came in the form of Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam. We decided we would produce a daily photo of a Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam expression.  As part of the experiment, Cyber Services is tracking this blog’s success for the search term “Sculpting Foam”. We are confident that the blog will not rank highly in a search on “website and application development.” But “Sculpting Foam” is a different story.  And if you want to improve the ranking, you can put a link on your site to this page. Call the link “Sculpting Foam.”